It’s time to build that pipeline.

As Canadians, we are the owners of natural resources that make it possible for us to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Yet today, our economic future is at risk.

Our valuable resources currently sell at discount to our only customer, the United States, costing Canadians billions of dollars every single day in lost revenue. Our biggest customer is now our biggest competitor.

Not only is the U.S. now our biggest competitor, Eastern Canada currently get most of its oil from foreign sources. We spend billions of dollars a year to import millions of barrels of oil from places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Angola.

New pipeline projects in development, such as TransMountain and Energy East, will: 

  • Strengthen Canada’s ability to be a supplier of choice for energy around the world;
  • Bring jobs and economic benefits to our communities; and
  • Provide funding for health care, education and infrastructure.

Each day that passes without progress, is another day that our economic future is threatened. But your voice can help make a difference. By pledging your support today, and making your voice heard, you can ensure we build the economic infrastructure needed to keep Canada prosperous.

Now is our chance to show our support for all Canadian energy projects in development. Market access is vital to the wellbeing of our country. Will you sign the pledge?


I believe that Canadians deserve full value for our energy resources, and that Canada is uniquely positioned to provide safe and reliable energy here at home, and to the world. I am a proud supporter of Canadian energy projects in development. We have the resources, we have the right projects, it’s time to move forward and ensure a better future for Canada.

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