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As Canadians, we are the owners of natural resources that make it possible for us to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. By joining Canada’s Energy Citizens, you have become part of a community of thousands of Canadians who are proud of our energy industry.

From coast to coast to coast, every community benefits from the ongoing contributions made by Canada’s oil and gas producers. The employment opportunities provided by the industry are more than just numbers. Each job created is an opportunity to build a stronger future for Canadian families. When you support Canada’s energy industry, you in turn support building thriving communities.

This toolkit is designed to help you spread the word with your friends, family, and community. Here you will find tips and tools to engage in the conversation about energy, and to help you advocate for public policy that enables our industry to continue to be a global leader.

We encourage everyone using this toolkit to engage with the staff on the Canada’s Energy Citizens team. We’re here to help you. Also make sure to stay connected to our work on Facebook, and Twitter (@Energy_Citizens). You can also reach us directly at

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