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Once you have identified some potential allies, you will want to reach out and develop a relationship with them so that you can begin working together.

Here are some ways to start up your working relationship:

  • Connect with the individual or group on social media.
  • Exchange contact information so that you can stay in touch.
  • Invite the individual or group to the next event you are organizing or planning to attend.
  • Ask to join the individual or group’s next event.
  • Share updates, news, and event information related to your mission.
  • Talk to people at events to determine their interest in becoming allies.
  • Handouts at events to provide people with more information and give them instructions about how they can sign up to be an Energy Citizen. See below for Energy Citizens handouts and fact sheets.

Energy Citizens Handout

You have a passion and knowledge of the energy sector, and we encourage you to share it with others. To support you, Canada’s Energy Citizens can provide handouts on various energy topics. By distributing these handouts to your personal networks, you can help support a more prosperous energy industry by building greater awareness and understanding. A sample handout is provided in the Appendix. Just print it out on regular printer paper and cut the paper in half to produce two handouts. For more information, or to request a package of handouts, please send your request to

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Energy Citizens Fact Sheets

As an Energy Citizen, you have exclusive access to helpful facts about the energy industry in Canada. Check out the top things you need to know on important topics, from pipelines to Canada’s oil sands, and share them with your friends and family.

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