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As Canada pivots towards economic recovery, we need all sectors of our economy running at full capacity to ensure our recovery is real and lasting. Natural resources are Canada’s natural advantage. Oil and natural gas are Canada’s largest exports, and industries such as mining, forestry and agriculture play disproportionately large regional roles—while also adding greatly to national prosperity. 


Canada’s natural resource sector can, and must play a critical role in the recovery. The data shows Canadians agree. Three polls support the fact Canadians overwhelmingly support our oil and natural gas sector.

75% of Canadians believe that recovery from COVID-19 can incorporate Canada’s natural resource industries while still protecting the environment

● 71% agree that Canada’s natural resource sectors should be part of our economic recovery strategy from COVID-19

59% of Canadians agree that a strong Canadian oil and natural gas industry can help shrink our debt load and get our economy back on track

● 61% agree that jobs in the oil and natural gas industry are essential to Canada’s economy

● 81% agreed natural resource development (oil, gas, renewable energy, forestry, mining, agriculture and fishing) is good for Canada.

● 83% believe Canada’s natural resource sector is an important contributor to the Canadian economy today.

● 73% agree investment in Canada’s natural resource sector will help Canada’s post COVID-19 economic recovery with only 15% disagreeing.

This is huge, and clearly suggests Canada’s decision makers should focus on our natural resource sector if we want a real recovery with real jobs. Just how much can an unleashed resource sector add to Canada’s economy?


A massive amount.


A new report backs what many of us already know: Our resource sector needs to lead our economic recovery

With the right policies we could create:

● 6 million NEW jobs

● Increased economic benefits to indigenous Canadians

● 17% jump in real GDP

● $200 billion in wages

Canadians are ready to get back to work. We need collaborative and ambitious leadership by the federal government and alignment with business to unleash the full potential of Canada’s natural resource industries.

If you support Canadian natural resources leading our recovery, sign the pledge.

Decision makers need to know Canadians are behind a recovery that includes our most powerful job creating sectors.