Email the Federal Government: Ask for a Real Recovery

A Real Recovery Includes Oil and Gas

Canadians are ready to get back to work, and  we need collaborative and ambitious leadership by the federal government to unleash the full potential of Canada’s natural resource industries.

Natural resources are Canada’s natural advantage. Oil and natural gas are Canada’s largest exports, and industries such as mining, forestry and agriculture play disproportionately large regional roles—while also adding greatly to national prosperity.

Canada’s natural resource sector can, and must play a critical role in the recovery. 

Canadians agree.

Two new polls from the last week emphatically confirm that Canadian’s support our oil and natural gas sector, and believe it can be a big factor in our economic recovery.

  • 75% of Canadians believe that recovery from COVID-19 can incorporate Canada’s natural resource industries while still protecting the environment
  • 71% agree that Canada's natural resource sectors should be part of our economic recovery strategy from COVID-19
  • 59% of Canadians agree that a strong Canadian oil and natural gas industry can help shrink our debt load and get our economy back on track
  • 61% agree that jobs in the oil and natural gas industry are essential to Canada’s economy


Our decision makers need to hear this.

Those that oppose our resource sector are loud, and will ensure the government hears from them. So will you send Prime Minister Trudeau, your Member of Parliament, Minister Freeland, and Minister O’Regan an email?

Tell them you want to see a meaningful economic recovery with real jobs for Canadians.

Tell them you want a recovery that includes our oil and natural gas sector.