Alan Yu || Energy Advocate || Fort St John, BC

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Alan Yu

Energy Advocate

Fort St John, BC

Alan moved to Fort St. John in 2015 from the Philippines to work in Canada’s Natural Gas Industry. 

When oil and gas prices went down Alan saw the effect it had on the community and it only made him more committed to Fort St. John and the LNG industry. 

Alan became the founder of “Fort St. John BC for LNG”, a grassroots group committed to the LNG industry in Canada and Northern British Columbia. Shortly after organizing the group Alan led a 580 truck rally in March of 2017 and a pro-LNG rally in April of 2017 that was attended by Premier Clark and hundreds of others. Alan also led a “LNG or Bust” convoy that travelled from Fort St. John to Ottawa. He was also invited by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources to give his views to a Parliamentary committee. 

Today Alan remains as committed as ever to our country and to promoting Canada’s natural resources. 

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