András Vaski || Student || Montreal, Quebec

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

András Vaski


Montreal, Quebec

Born in Burlington, Ontario, András grew up in Halton Region. He is presently studying economics and political science at McGill University. In addition to his studies, András volunteers in the Hungarian community, and has been a Hungarian Scout for 14 years. András is currently working with Montreal students and leading grassroots efforts to promote the Canadian energy industry.

In his recent studies at McGill, András has realized that, above all, the health of the economy is central to the welfare of Canadians. András knows that the importance of oil to the Canadian economy cannot be understated, which is why he became an Energy Citizen. “Oil makes up almost 20% of Canadian exports, and it does not require someone with a background in economics to understand what would happen to our economy without oil,” said András.

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