50 billion reasons to support Canada’s oil and natural gas industry.

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry breathes life into more than 1,100 Ontario businesses, from banks and construction companies, to technology firms. More than 69,000 people in Ontario have the oil sands sector to thank for their jobs, while hospitals, schools and government branches all benefit from the nation’s energy industry. 

Fast-forward to 2038. From now until then, Ontario could receive $2 billion a year from the country’s oil and natural gas industry. That’s nearly $50 billion for Ontario to improve its health care and education systems, and build better infrastructure. Nearly $50 billion that could expand the list of health services covered by OHIP, reduce university tuition, and increase the quality of roads and public transportation in Ontario’s major cities. 

  • Over 1,000 Ontarian businesses exist thanks to Canada’s oil and natural gas sector.
  • Canada’s energy sector provides 55,000 jobs in Ontario.
  • From now until 2038, Ontario could receive nearly $50 billion from the Canadian oil and natural gas industry. This is money that can be used to fund health care, education, and build infrastructure.

Sources: CAPP

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