The Senate committee that studied Bill C-48 – a devastating piece of legislation that will ban Canadian oil tanker traffic off the northern B.C. coast – recommended the bill be killed.

That committee conducted one of the most exhaustive consultations in legislation we’ve seen when it comes to energy policy in this country. But it’s being ignored by the Senate and the federal government.

This legislation hurts our economy, kill jobs and send a troubling message to the world that Canada is closed for business. A ban on moving our responsibly-produced oil off B.C.’s northern coast means a likely death sentence for projects like the indigenous-backed $16 billion Eagle Spirit Pipeline.

How does this make any sense? There’s certainly no ban on the tankers importing nearly $19 billion in foreign oil every year into eastern Canada. And American tankers will still be allowed to sail up and down our coast line.

And the worst part is it cynically divides our country while the government tries to use it for electoral gain.

The bill needs to be stopped!

Tell the government that they must stop this bill!