“It is difficult to imagine that a new major pipeline could be built in Canada under the Impact Assessment Act, much less attract energy investment to Canada.”

Those are the words of Chris Bloomer, the head of the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association on Bill C-69, federal government legislation that has already passed the House of Commons and sits before the Senate.

This bill will reform how major energy projects are approved in this country. The legislation will make the regulatory process more complicated, time consuming, legally vulnerable and ultimately erode public and investor confidence.

Several proposed pipeline projects have gone under lengthy, thorough and exhaustive reviews over the past several years and each time have been stymied or delayed because of either government intervention (Northern Gateway), excessive regulation (Energy East), or a lack of due diligence done by the federal government (Trans Mountain).

That’s billions of dollars in economic activity stopped or delayed that could have benefited Canadians from coast to coast to coast. It’s thousands of jobs lost. And it’s billions of dollars in new government revenue that could have gone to new hospitals, roads and schools.

The federal government can now create an improved legislative framework – more concise, timely, simpler and certain – for future energy developments by:      

Providing a clear path to project approvals and construction;
Leveraging the expertise of federal and provincial regulators;
Establishing a framework for Bill C-69’s early planning phase;
Removing the debate on public policy questions from project reviews; and,              
Creating a project list that clearly defines appropriate thresholds or criteria for any additions or deletions.

There’s too much at risk for Canada with how this legislation is currently written.

Send a letter to members of the Senate asking that they put the brakes on C-69 today!