Support oil and natural gas developed the Canadian way.

By 2040, global energy demand is expected to increase by 32 per cent. Developed and emerging nations will continue to rely on oil and natural gas to fuel the lives of their citizens. As a global energy leader, Canada is uniquely positioned to provide safe, secure and reliable energy here at home, and to the world.

Canada’s oil and natural gas industry has been built over several decades. The expertise and infrastructure developed over that time make Canada a global leader in energy production and transportation. With vast reserves yet to be developed, Canada offers reliable, long-term energy supplies with regulatory regimes that are subject to the rule of law and so free from the risks found in some other energy producing nations.

Additionally, Canada’s energy sector is dedicated to safe and sustainable development. Canadian oil and natural gas companies are subject to strict environmental regulations that are constantly being improved. Companies are also making a concerted effort to mitigate climate impacts, and are investing billions of dollars in technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Canada has a strong safety record for transporting oil and natural gas.
  • Canada has enough oil and gas reserves to meet demand here at home, and around the world.
  • Canadian energy companies take a proactive approach to climate change by developing and implementing technology for reducing carbon emissions.

Sources: CAPP

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