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If there’s a silver lining to the dark clouds that have gathered over our nation’s resource-based economy over the last year, it’s Canada’s Energy Citizens.


There’s a silver lining to the dark clouds that have gathered over our nation’s resource-based economy over the last year: Canada’s Energy Citizens.

Created to unite those who support the development of Canada’s natural resources, Canada’s Energy Citizens is now home to more than 100,000 energy industry supporters across the country.

Until recently, public debate around Canada’s natural resources was shaped by a vocal minority, resulting in an unfair portrayal of what Canada’s energy producers do and the contribution they make.

Enter Canada’s Energy Citizens.

Armed with a steady stream of facts, industry news and calls to action, Energy Citizens are now balancing this debate, sharing the positive story of Canadian energy development.

Whereas before, an energy industry supporter may have felt like a lone voice reluctant to speak out against a torrent of misinformation, those who believe in Canada’s natural resources are now making their voices heard.

There are Energy Citizens in every province and territory and our community on social media is amplified by the day. Tens of thousands of people interact with our Facebook page daily, while combined, we reach more than two-million people on the platform as a whole. In just the past few months, more than 40,000 Canadians have signed the Energy Citizens' pledge in support of new Canadian pipelines and 16,000 emails have been sent in support of our oil and natural gas industry to decision makers – including 7,000 in less than 48 hours to federal Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr.

Canada’s Energy Citizens see our country’s energy industry for what it is - a clean, safe, and responsible way to develop our natural resources and provide jobs to support families and maintain quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

We know the industry generates about $100 billion a year to create jobs, invests in innovative technologies, supports local businesses and helps pay for government services such as hospitals, schools and roads. We know it sustains more than 400,000 jobs from coast to coast. We know oil and natural gas companies have invested $1.3 billion in the development of clean energy technology.

In short, we know that supporting a stronger energy industry means supporting a stronger Canada. That’s why we’re proud to raise our hands as Energy Citizens.

It’s more important than ever to support Canada’s energy industry. The last 12 months have been amongst the most challenging we’ve ever experienced. With the collapse of world oil prices, continuing layoffs, and politicking around building pipelines, we must remain both consistent and candid in our support of oil and gas.

You can help. Become an Energy Citizen today.

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