Courtney Kelm || Ambitious Professional || Calgary, Alberta

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Courtney Kelm

Ambitious Professional

Calgary, Alberta

Courtney has been working in the oil and gas drilling industry since graduating university. Her fast paced and specialized job has allowed her to gain skills in a short time. “The opportunities are immense and there are so many paths to go down where you can be challenged and can be successful,” she says. “The energy industry is fantastic to be a part of.”

She also sees the impact that the energy industry has in and around her community. The company she works for is just one of many which lend their time and resources to support local initiatives.

“From supporting charitable causes to providing assistance for community facilities, the energy industry makes our communities better,” Courtney says. “It is great to work in an industry that I can benefit from and that supports the community around me.”

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