Danielle Gillanders || Chemical Engineer || Surrey, British Columbia

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Danielle Gillanders

Chemical Engineer

Surrey, British Columbia

Growing up on the British Columbia coast, Danielle Gillanders quickly learned to appreciate the natural beauty around her. “As a kid, it was always something that was important to me,” she recently told the Financial Post

In high school, Danielle was a straight-A student with a talent for math and chemistry. She went on to graduate from university with specialties in chemical and environmental engineering and five co-op terms under her belt. Along the way she found a path that united her love of chemistry with her love of nature.  

Today, Danielle works in Surrey at FortisBC, which supplies 21 per cent of British Columbia’s total energy consumption, the most of any B.C. utility. Danielle is involved in everything from laboratory testing to community outreach, while working tirelessly to ensure projects are as environmentally friendly as possible. “There is so much that goes into making sure that when projects are done, they’re done properly,” she says. 

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