How to attend an event

Even if you are not organizing an event, attending an event is a great way to show your support and to connect with the community on energy issues that you care about. Here are some tips for attending events:

  • RSVP. Let them know you’re coming.
  • Bring a friend. Spread the word and bring your contacts.
  • Register. This will enable the organizers to contact you later to share updates and tell you about how the event went.
  • Share. Take pictures and post about the event on social media using relevant hashtags.
  • Participate. Do not be afraid to talk to those around you, event hosts, speakers, and, if you are comfortable, the media attending events.
  • Get involved. Find out what the main objectives of the event are, and do what you can to help the organizers achieve them.
  • Stay in touch. Get the contact information of those you meet, and join any relevant groups on social media so that you can stay in touch and keep up to date on future events.
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