How To Host An Event

Below are some tips for organizing an event in your area. Click here for an event check planning checklist, which provide even greater detail to help you plan a successful event.

Before the event:

  • Choose a date, time, and location for your event. Note that you might require a permit for the location. Make sure that your event complies with any and all legal requirements and restrictions.
  • Decide how many people you’d like to attend.
  • Create an “event page” for your event using Facebook or other event websites such as
  • Create an event hashtag so that guests can use it to talk about and follow the event on social media.
  • Begin recruiting people to join your event. Remember that often twice as many people RSVP compared to how many actually attend. For example, if you hope to have 50 attendees, you should aim for 100 invites.
  • Create an agenda for your event, and assign each agenda item a specific time and duration.
  • Determine what you’d like to accomplish by holding an event, and what you’d like your guests to do following the event. Be sure to tell them explicitly so that they are clear about what they are being asked to do.
  • Determine if you’d like to have any speakers at the event, and if so, reach out to them to participate.
  • Publically recognize any office holders attending the event
  • If you have a team helping you, schedule a briefing in advance of your event so that everyone is aligned on roles, responsibilities, and the goals of the event.
  • If you are serving alcohol at your event, you will need to make sure your guests are safe. Get all of the necessary permits, be cautious to not over-serve, and make sure they have options to get home safely after the event (eg: call ahead for a few cabs or direct them to nearest public transportation stop).

During the event:

  • On the day of the event, make sure that you and your team arrive early.
  • Ask every attendee to register or sign-in using your list of RSVPs, and collect the contact information of guests who did not RSVP but do show up. This will enable you to contact them later to say thank you.
  • Stick to your agenda.
  • Share the objective of the event with your guests. During the wrap-up of the event, reflect back with your guests to see if the objective has been reached or what can be done to help reach the objective. Invite attendees to become Energy Citizens by signing up at
  • Encourage guests to take pictures and to post about the event on social media using the event hashtag.
  • Near the end of the event, ask all attendees to sign up for the next event.

After the event:

  • Contact everyone who attended your event to thank them for attending, to share the success of the event, and also to remind them to join the next event or take another action.
  • Post photos and stories about the event on social media so that those who weren’t able to attend the event can see how it went and what was accomplished.
  • Follow up with those who RSVP’d but didn’t make it to the event by inviting them to your next event.
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