How to identify potential collaborators

Collaborators are people or groups that share common interests with you or that have the ability to help you achieve your mission. It is important to identify and connect with potential allies because you will have a lot more success working with the support of a group than you will working alone. Several groups working together in support of a particular issue shows decision makers that the issue is important enough for people to come together to take action.

Identifying allies does not have to be difficult or time consuming. One of the easiest ways to identify allies is to attend events in your area related to your interests and objectives. You can also to do some simple research to see if there are any communities or groups in your area that already share the same goals or who are interested in similar issues as you. You can search for individual allies on social media, and you can search for ally groups using search engines, social media, the Yellow Pages, and meeting and event websites such as and

Here is a list of some qualities that are useful in potential allies:

  • Membership. Is the individual a member of a potential ally group? If you are focused on recruiting allies from a group, how many members does the group have?
  • Credibility. Does the individual or group have a certain credibility associated with them, like a public figure, environmental expert, or are well-known?
  • Network. Is the individual or group part of a larger network that they can give you access to?
  • Skills. Does the individual or group have any special skills that would be useful?

An important thing to remember is that individuals and groups do not necessarily need to have a direct connection to your issue to be interested in joining forces. Sometimes, an indirect interest, such as being interested in job creation and the economy, can be enough to make an Energy Citizen ally.

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