Hyeji (Jessica) Yoon || Student & Blogger || Toronto, Ontario

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Hyeji (Jessica) Yoon

Student & Blogger

Toronto, Ontario

Hyeji, a student born and raised in South Korea, came to Canada to start a new journey. She is now studying International Business and spends time running her personal blogging website to write about life stories in Canada. The main focus of the blog is to inform new and young immigrants about the various lifestyle changes that they may face, and as well as Canada’s social and economic status.

She believes that Canada is a leader when it comes to creating jobs while having the highest standards in caring about the environment.

Hyeji continues to share more information about the Canadian energy industry on her blog so that more people will stay informed about the importance of having a strong Canadian energy industry for jobs and the environment.

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