Ian Fife || British Columbia

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Ian Fife

British Columbia

Ian Fife was born in Vancouver and has a deep rooted history in the resource sector in British Columbia. He spent several years in the Fraser Canyon where he worked in the forestry industry prior to moving to Fort Nelson in 2000 where he began a career in the Natural Gas sector.

When the NGW project was proposed he noticed a lot of misinformation being publicised or on social media and decided he wanted to ensure the conversation was balanced. Ian joined the local grassroots group called Fort Nelson for LNG to help support the potential LNG industry that would be coming to British Columbia.

Since he got involved, FN for LNG has done multiple large rallies in support of the natural gas sector in North Eastern BC and Ian has become a leader in advocacy in Fort Nelson.

“I feel Canada’s energy sector has been targeted for too long and I’m happy to see grassroots groups who support industry taking the time to speak up and get involved”, Ian Said.

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