Jennifer Barkved || LNG Champion || Fort Nelson, British Columbia

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Jennifer Barkved

LNG Champion

Fort Nelson, British Columbia

Jennifer moved to Fort Nelson so her family could enjoy everything the Northern Rockies had to offer, including the booming natural resources industry and its diverse employment opportunities. “Industry and recreation could co-exist side by side and that was an appeal we could not pass up,” Jennifer said. She spent seven years working in the oil industry and left only to start her own business, which has a roster of oil and gas companies as their biggest customers.

Fort Nelson has some of the biggest natural gas resources in the world, and world-class talent and companies to develop them. However, environmental groups are actively lobbying against this important industry, and governments continue to delay approvals on projects that would jumpstart the economy. “Frustrated by these events, myself and three others (Linda Mould, Tanis Mould & Ian Fife) formed and head a grassroots group called FN for LNG (Fort Nelson for LNG),” said Jennifer. “This year, we held several successful rallies with hundreds of participants and high-profile guest speakers. And we recently wrapped up our biggest project whereby we sent over 100,000 letters in favour of LNG development to the House of Commons.”

When asked what she loves most about Fort Nelson, her answer was simple. “The resiliency, tenacity, strength and love of a strong-willed community that has come together in support of environmentally respectful resource development, and refuses to give up.”

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