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You can add your voice to the energy conversation that takes place on social media. The following tips can help you extend your community online to grow support for Canada’s energy industry.

  • Be positive. Maintain a positive tone throughout your posts.
  • Avoid arguments. Don’t shy away from engaging in meaningful conversations, and make sure to challenge false information when you see it. However, be sure to avoid having an argument on social media. Do debate with another person, but remember to stay calm and use facts and always be respectful.
  • Follow politicians. Follow legislators on Twitter to demonstrate that you’re interested in what they have to say, and tag their handle in tweets, where appropriate.
  • Share. Retweet and share information posted by legislators and by other Energy Citizens.
  • Include visuals. Take and post photos at events. Visuals can include your own photos as well as images shared from the @Energy_Citizens Twitter and Facebook profiles. Content with visuals is much more likely to get attention: tweets with photos receive 41 percent more retweets and 48 percent more likes than tweets without photos. Meanwhile, Facebook posts with photos generate 53 per cent more Likes, and 104 percent more comments. However, always be sure to respect any rules the event organizers may have around taking photos and be mindful of others.
  • Tweet at events. Tweet images, quotes, and other things you find interesting from events. If you attend an event in the morning, consider saving some content for the afternoon, as your followers may be online at different times. You can also tweet about upcoming events so that more people can know about them in advance, and maybe even join you.
  • Include links. Provide links to more information whenever possible, such as information from the Energy Citizens website, so that your audience can learn more about the topic at hand.
  • Tag @Energy_Citizens. Tag @Energy_Citizens (Energy Citizens’ Twitter handle) when possible so that Energy Citizens can retweet your posts. Your content will reach an even larger audience.
  • Proofread. Make sure to proofread all social content carefully before publishing. Typos are easy to make when posting quickly, especially if posting from a phone.
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