Killian Smith || Energy Advocate || Calgary, Alberta

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Killian Smith

Energy Advocate

Calgary, Alberta

Killian always knew he wanted to work in the oil and gas industry, because he understood how important it is for Canada’s future. This is why he chose to study geology and petroleum geosciences in university. Armed with this knowledge of Canada’s geography, Killian understands our country’s capacity to become a global leader in energy production.

Killian is passionate about the energy conversation in Canada. There’s nothing he enjoys more than dispelling myths and engaging in important discussions about our country’s need for pipelines, the industry’s contributions to environmental innovation, and the benefits the industry brings to all Canadians.

“I see how the industry gives back,” he says, noting the differences Canada’s energy industry makes in communities across the country. “We work hard to give back in the communities we operate in.”

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