There are many ways the energy industry keeps Canada strong.

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It's a 24/7 job

Canada’s energy industry is a global leader in safety, but our work’s never finished. We’re continuously improving the safety of our operations and transportation of our products. Two heads are better than one. That’s why we always work with the communities where we operate to develop safety plans.

Shared Benefits

Prosperity for all

As Canadians, we are the owners of natural resources that make it possible for us to enjoy one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Across Canada, the oil and natural gas industry creates thousands of jobs – directly and indirectly – in a surprising range of areas. From the oilfield workers monitoring wells in Alberta, to office workers in financial service businesses in Ontario, oil and gas jobs provide stability and a better quality of life for many Canadians.


Continuous improvement

Through Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), participating companies capture, develop and share the most innovative approaches and best thinking to improve environmental performance in the oil sands, focusing on four priority areas – tailings, water, land and greenhouse gases. To date, COSIA member companies have shared 814 distinct technologies and innovations investing almost $1.3 billion to develop.