Marc Racette || Corporate Trader || Toronto, Ontario

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Marc Racette

Corporate Trader

Toronto, Ontario

Born in Quebec and raised in Ontario, Marc now works in business development for a foreign exchange company in Toronto. His education and experience in international business has shown him how important international trade is for Canada’s economy and how oil and natural gas, our most valuable resources, are a critical to our prosperity.

Marc understands that in order for Canadian businesses to grow and create jobs in Canadian communities, we need to look beyond our own back yard and the United States, and sell our energy resources in booming new markets, like China and India. He also knows that we need to make sure we’re building the infrastructure needed to get our energy resources to these countries in a safe and reliable way.

“I am an Energy Citizen for many reasons. We need market access for our energy products to grow Canadian businesses and create thousands of jobs, including in my home province of Quebec where they are urgently needed,” he says.

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