Getting Canadian products to new markets safely.

Marine Safety

Oil tankers safely and regularly move along the West Coast of Canada, and have been doing so since the the 1930s. Each year, approximately 580 million barrels of oil are transported along Canada’s East and West coasts by tankers, and there hasn’t been a tanker issue in the Port of Vancouver for 50 years. 

Supported by new regulations the shipping industry has moved to double hulled tankers that are more reliable than ever. They have taken many steps forward, but Canadians know that there are more steps to take when it comes to market share. 

We have a real advantage in Canada, as our tankers can reach Asian markets from the Port of Vancouver within 8 days – two days earlier than most of our international competitors. 

  • In the last 25 years, more than 1,500 tankers have safely navigated the waters of Northern British Columbia.  
  • In Atlantic Canada, tankers safely move hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil every day and have done so for decades. 

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