Ming Au || Toronto

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Ming Au


Ming Au is a retired businessman and is enjoying his retirement in a senior home in Toronto. He lived in Miramichi New Brunswick for the last 36 years, and ran a very successful restaurant. As an immigrant from Hong Kong, Mr. Au wanted to integrate into Canadian society; one way to do this was to learn about Canadian government policies. Mr. Au questioned why Canada would buy foreign oil when Canada is able to produce its own oil.

Over the years, Mr. Au met many politicians when they came by his restaurant in Miramachi. He often raised his concerns to the politicians, hoping they would craft policies that would help Canada become dependant on its own oil reserves.

Mr. Au was excited about the Energy East Pipeline because it finally meant Canada would be less reliant on foreign oil. He was very disappointed to learn that the Energy East Pipeline was recently cancelled.

However, Mr. Au will not be discouraged. He will continue to voice his concerns about Canada’s energy.

By becoming a Canada Energy Citizen, Mr. Au will continue to tell politicians how important it is for Canada to be energy independent.

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