Oil and gas makes the Stanley Cup possible

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With the playoffs only a few days away and Canada’s hockey-obsessed gearing up, I thought it might be a good time for a little thought exercise. 

Imagine the Stanley Cup playoffs without oil and natural gas. 

First thing’s first: Beer.

It’s safe to say that over the next six weeks, beer consumption in Canada will increase dramatically. Whether you’re taking the game in at your favourite bar or in the comfort of your basement, it’s likely you’re doing it with a cold brew in your hand and a few backups in the fridge. But how did it get there?

Through the production and consumption of oil and gas, that’s how. Without the tools needed to make it, the fuel needed to move it, and the power needed to keep it cold, you could be washing down your playoff hockey with little more than a glass of tepid water or a mug of homemade tea. Lame.

What about travel?

It’s a long way between Toronto and Washington. Or Calgary and Anaheim. There are a couple of fossil-fuel free options that might work to get teams to and from the games, but Connor McDavid isn’t going to hang-glide down to San Jose (although as a Flames fan, I have a bad habit of doubting Connor and getting proven wrong).  

And what about the game? 

Too warm. The games would have to be outdoors in a place that’s cold enough in April, May, and early June to have a decent ice surface. Without oil and natural gas, the plants that maintain indoor ice surfaces, like the ones inside NHL arenas, wouldn’t work. So, where does that leave us? 

And no, wise-guy, we’re not playing in Siberia. 

Finally, without the puck there may be no cup. Two different types of oil are essential in crafting every hockey puck. And while legend has it that the original hockey puck was crafted from frozen chunks of cow dung, that may not be so easy in current year. There are 15 playoff series played every year in the Stanley Cup playoffs. At an average of six games a series and about 30 pucks used a game, roughly 2,700 pucks will be used during the playoffs. That’s a lot of cow dung. 

At Canada’s Energy Citizens we are proud of our oil and natural gas industry. We are proud of the benefits the industry provides from coast to coast to coast and over the weeks we will see another local Canadian benefit made possible by petroleum products – playoff hockey. 

So we hope you can enjoy the action with a cold drink of your choosing. Our energy industry helps make a lot of things possible, and in the weeks ahead one of those things will be playoff hockey. And to the men and women who work in Canada’s oil and gas industry – thank you for all you do in making the Stanley Cup possible. 

Brad Tennant
Canada’s Energy Citizens

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