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Elizabeth May, M.P.

House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A6

Dear Ms. May,

Ms. May, you recently stated that “oil is dead” and that the COVID-19 pandemic has given Canadian leaders an opportunity to “stop and think” about ways to adjust the economy to a new reality. We ask for you to do the same -- stop and think about a reality without oil. If you did “stop and think”, you would realize the essential role that oil plays in supporting our modern way of life and high standard of living. 

If you stop and think, you would realize that oil isn’t dead, oil is essential. Look at the role that oil and its byproducts are playing in the fight against COVID-19. Oil is providing the gasoline for trucks delivering food to our grocery stores, and the fuel for planes importing personal protective equipment from around the world. Natural gas is providing the energy to heat and power thousands of healthcare facilities from coast to coast to coast. If you stop and think, you would realize that N-95 masks – a vital piece of personal protective equipment used in our healthcare system – are almost entirely made from petroleum products. Ms. May, even the microphone you spoke into, the television we watched you on, and the computers on which we read your comments are all made from oil and its byproducts. 

At the best of times, it is foolish and misguided to state “oil is dead”. It is a refrain based on wishes and ideology, not science or technology. Rubber gloves, pills, syringes, and many over-the-counter drugs are made with petroleum based products. The fact is, without petrochemicals it would in many cases be extremely difficult to make and produce pharmaceutical drugs, particularly at the mass scale needed to meet global demand. It would be impossible to manufacture and transport the personal protective equipment required to fight a global pandemic. Without oil life, as we know it today, would be impossible. 

What would a world without oil look like? Because of oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels, more people are living longer, freer, and better lives. Without oil, life would be harder, colder, and shorter. Without oil and other fossil fuels we would not enjoy the comforts that many of us may take for granted; comforts that many in the developing world desire like refrigeration, home heating and air conditioning.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was using more oil than at any other time in our history. A growing global middle class means that the world will continue to need oil and petroleum products for decades to come. Canada should be the global supplier of choice for these essential products.

When we start to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, Canadians will need jobs and opportunity. The responsible development of our natural resources can provide both. Oil isn’t dead. Oil is essential – it is past time that leaders like yourself recognized this.



Supporters of Canadian Energy 

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