Canada's oil and natural gas sector is a driving force in the Canadian economy. In Ontario, it provides employment opportunities, boosts government revenues and supports local businesses and communities.

The Ontario government is forecast to receive an average of $1.7 billion per year as a result of economic activity from oil and natural gas operations. In fact, 12 per cent of the TSX market value is represented by the oil and natural gas sector.

Last year, the energy sector, either directly or through its supply chain, provided nearly 64,000 jobs in Ontario.  

On top of that, the oil and natural gas sector is a world leader when it comes to innovation and the development of clean technologies. In 2014 alone, the sector directed $6.5 billion on environmental protection, more than half of all spending on environmental protection by any sector.

It's clear, Canada's oil and natural gas sector has a big role to play in a prosperous Ontario and it needs our support!

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