Rabea Allos|| Director at CMECC || Canada

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Rabea Allos

Director at CMECC


Rabea studied & worked in the Middle East, United States and Ireland before immigrating to Canada 30 years ago. Canada's high Environmental Standards are far more superior to the rest of the world, particularly to Petroleum Exporting countries. Oil produced and transported within Canada is practically the cleanest oil on the planet.

A strong Energy Canadian Sector will reduce world dependence on "Dirty Oil" produced by countries whose environmental record at best poor. Countries who own and produce their own Oil do not implement high environmental standards to produce nor to transport in their quest to produce their oil at lowest costs.

We need to support and strengthen our Energy Industry to make sure that Canada is completely Energy independent; having a strong Energy Sector will lead to a much stronger Canadian Economy and will give Canada a bigger and greater role in influencing Global politics.

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