Ralph Weick || Firefighter and Discussion Changer || Prince Rupert, British Columbia

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Ralph Weick

Firefighter and Discussion Changer

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Ralph was born and raised in the bustling port community of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. After a short time away, he returned in 2003 to accept a job as a firefighter. He found a community struggling after the closure of the municipality's largest employer and tax contributor – the Skeena pulp mill. Many had lost their homes, municipal services had been cut, and much-needed infrastructure upgrades and repairs were stuck due to a lack of funding. 

Then, the Pacific Northwest Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) project was proposed and Ralph knew that it could revive the community while also boosting the local economy. But as professional opponents spoke against the project, Ralph noticed that much of the information that was being presented through print and through social media was misleading. “As a British Columbian, I don't believe that these developments should be done at all costs. But I do believe that we need to allow for as much relevant and factual information as possible to be shared before passing judgement and shutting down projects that are both good for our community and for our country,” he says. 

After doing his own research and speaking with his neighbours, Ralph set out to provide balanced, accurate information to the public. Today, he is helping to change the conversation around LNG. 

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