From heating our homes to cooking our breakfasts, Canada’s natural gas is an important part of day-to-day life.

Canada is the fifth-largest natural gas producer in the world. At current consumption levels, Canada’s resources can provide natural gas to consumers for the next 300 years. The industry produces 14.9 billion cubic feet (bcf) of natural gas per day. Canada has close to 1,100 trillion cubic feet of marketable natural gas resources. Natural gas deposits are found throughout the country.

Like oil, natural gas can be classified as either conventional or unconventional. Most of the gas produced in Canada over the past 100 years has been from conventional reserves, but new technologies have paved the way for producing unconventional sources like coalbed methane, tight gas and shale gas. Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are two examples of these technologies.

Canada’s natural gas is used for electricity generation, heating buildings, powering household appliances and many other purposes. Natural gas also contains other useful components, such as natural gas liquids, which are used for oil recovery, transportation fuels and as raw materials for oil refineries.

  • Natural gas is an essential part of our everyday lives; it heats our homes, provides electricity and powers our appliances.
  • Natural gas is a high-efficiency fuel source that is 50 per cent cleaner than burning than coal.
  • Canada’s abundant natural gas reserves can provide Canadians with the energy they need for hundreds of years.

Sources: CAPP

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