Sam Handy || Industry Veteran || Calgary, Alberta

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Sam Handy

Industry Veteran

Calgary, Alberta

Sam Handy is proud of Canada’s energy industry. Growing up in an oil and gas family, he’s witnessed first-hand the benefits the industry brings to his country, province and community.

Having worked in logistics, sustainability, firefighting and Canada’s oil and gas industry, his experiences have only made him further appreciate the effect the sector has on our country. “We have to build the next generation of energy infrastructure so future generations will benefit just as I have throughout my life,” he says. “That is why I am a vocal Energy Citizen today and tomorrow.”

Sam knows that environmental stewardship and a thriving energy industry go hand in hand. He also knows that the stronger the energy industry is, the more teachers, nurses and community projects the government can invest in.

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