Should Oil and Gas be Included in Saskatchewan's Economic Recovery?

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In Saskatchewan, we’re blessed with a bounty of natural resources. From oil and potash, to grains and pulses, we produce what the world needs.

It’s our natural resource industries that will sustain a strong recovery in Saskatchewan – but we have to ensure our province is competitive with other regions. 

So if we are going to kick-start our recovery with our natural resource industries, Saskatchewan has some pretty serious competitiveness issues we’ll need to address: 


  • Municipal taxes – create an equitable, transparent and predictable municipal property tax system that positions the industry to compete for capital investment and growth.
  • Fiscal and economic policy – maintain a fiscal framework, including a competitive royalty structure, that is globally competitive, market-driven, encourages innovation and positions Saskatchewan’s oil and natural gas as a global energy investment of choice.
  • Electricity cost – power costs remain a substantial burden impacting industry competitiveness and investment decisions.
  • Leading regulatory efficiency – an efficient, predictable regulatory system – that meets the highest safety, environmental and regulatory standards –  And a continued focused on red-tape reduction will create a significant opportunity to attract increased investment.  
  • Recovery of Saskatchewan’s oil and natural gas sector will mean increasing the province’s resource income, job creation including indirect jobs from construction to hospitality, better investment attractiveness and overall growth in Saskatchewan’s oil and natural gas production. 


Our natural resource industries are willing and ready to fuel our economic recovery – we just have to let them. 

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