Steve Yamada || Whitby, Ontario

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Steve Yamada

Whitby, Ontario

Steve Yamada is a local councillor in the Town of Whitby and an elementary teacher with the Toronto District School Board. Since the October 2014 election, he has become a strong advocate for Whitby residents by fighting against tax increases, promoting sound fiscal management and by encouraging strong economic growth. 

During his time in office, Steve has seen how important energy policy has become to the community and its residents. This has help to form his belief that the best approach to managing energy is through long-term system planning that considers social and environmental policy, as well as financial and economic impacts.

Steve shares in the common belief of every Canadian Energy Citizen that a strong and vibrant energy sector is a key factor toward creating a prosperous national economy.  

“In Ontario today, local leaders are searching for the best ways to stimulate the economy by ensuring that their jurisdiction is highly competitive,” Steve said. “Through strong regional energy planning and by embracing all forms of energy production, we will be able to meet the diverse energy needs of all Ontario municipalities and create good sustainable jobs.” 

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