Stevie Nemeth || Transit Operator || Markham, Ontario

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Stevie Nemeth

Transit Operator

Markham, Ontario

Born in Toronto, Stevie now works as a city bus driver for York Region. Each day, he helps hundreds of people in his community of all ages and backgrounds get to their destinations safely and on time. He is a proud Energy Citizen because he believes that Canada’s energy industry enables him to provide a critical public service. Stevie understands that funding for roads and other crucial infrastructure comes in part from taxes paid by oil and gas companies. 

“I take my job very seriously. If I am not on schedule, my customers are late to school and work.  But, most importantly, if I am not operating safely, they could get hurt,” says Stevie. “Having driven on bad roads that sometimes destabilize my bus and other cars around my bus, I know that bad roads could risk not just my life, but also the lives of my customers.” 

He wants to see more funding for roads, so that the ones on which he and his colleagues drive everyday are safe for the hundreds of thousands of residents in York Region. The oil and gas industry is key to providing government with the resources needed to make this happen. “I think that repairing damaged roads would also help alleviate traffic congestion – and I know everyone here wants that!” says Stevie.

Do you agree that Canada’s energy industry helps fund essential public services and build thriving communities? Stand up for the industry by becoming an Energy Citizen today.

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