Sudhir Sandhu || Energy Advocate || Winnipeg, Manitoba

These Canadians are proud of our energy industry and are speaking up in their communities.

Sudhir Sandhu

Energy Advocate

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sudhir Sandhu was born and raised in India and later immigrated to Canada with his family. He completed both high school and university in Winnipeg, studying economics. Following his undergraduate degree, Sudhir pursued a career in business, in which he both owned a restaurant and managed a consulting firm for seven years.

Throughout his career, he has worked in various other sectors including labour relations at the City of Winnipeg, as the Director of Labour Relations for the Manitoba Nurses Union, as the Executive Director of Corporate and Community Services at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, and is currently the CEO of the Manitoba Building Trades Union. 

As a long-term Winnipeg resident, Sudhir takes a strong interest in urban planning and sustainable development. In his different roles, he has seen the importance of our oil and gas industry, and the ways in which these sectors positively contribute to our economy. In his article Energy East, West or North: Why Market Diversification is Essential for Canada’s Economic Security, he states, “Setting aside the question of whether Canada should continue to develop and export its energy resources, there are many economic facts that are not in dispute. In 2015, energy sector accounted for 10% of Canada’s GDP. As the fifth largest oil producer in the world, Canada also imported oil worth over $26 billion dollars. Canada’s energy sector (direct & indirect) accounted for over 950,000 jobs middle class jobs in 2014.”

He recognizes the way in which Canada’s oil and gas sector can go hand in hand with sustainable development, and that despite the push against Canadian oil and gas, market diversification and this industry is key to the success of Canada both at home and abroad.

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