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Despite the fact the future of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion remains uncertain, we’ve been witnessing something remarkable happen on the ground right across Canada over these past few weeks.

Thousands of Canadians have rallied from B.C. to Manitoba to show their support for our energy sector. Nearly 20,000 letters have been sent to decision makers at several levels of government.

And now, we are seeing support for the pipeline surging in B.C. and right across Canada.

For the past year, Canadians have consistently heard through the media and online that opposition to this project among British Columbians was on the rise. They’ve been told First Nations communities don’t support the project.

We know now none of that is true.

As Insights West said on CTV, “those protestors on the side line that are saying that every British Columbian doesn’t want this project, it’s not really the case.”


Two separate polls showed that a clear majority of British Columbians back this critical nation-building project, with residents in the Lower Mainland (51 per cent) and Vancouver Island (52 per cent) both in favour.

And when it comes to support from First Nations communities, Kinder Morgan has signed 51 mutual benefit agreements, including 41 in B.C.

Cheam Chief Ernie Crey, a supporter of Trans Mountain, was blunt in letting his feelings know about the threats being made to try and stop this project.

“If this project doesn’t go through it will hurt our people. It appears that Premier Horgan is prepared to actively undermine the prosperity of First Nations in B.C.,” Crey said on Facebook.

Overall, it’s a big-time surge in support for the pipeline and a sign that British Columbians get this issue. They understand how important pipelines are to Canada’s prosperity. Residents get that without a strong economy, our country is unable to make important new investments to protect our environment like the federal government’s $1.5 billion Oceans Protection Plan. They know that without supporting energy infrastructure, it means less revenues to pay for things like hospitals, schools, nurses and teachers. And finally, they understand the threat to investment to our country if one level of government is able to able to obstruct important nation-building projects, despite them receiving federal approval.

However, don’t expect the fact that a clear majority of British Columbians support this project will slow down protestors trying to kill it off.

David Suzuki, the man who once compared the oil sands industry to slavery, is doubling down in trying to chase investment out of B.C. and out of Canada, along with other professional protestors. He’s ready to ignore the fact that pipelines are the safest way to move Canadian resources to market. He’s willing to be blind to the fact that if Canada doesn’t meet the world’s rising demand for energy, it will be met by countries with terrible environmental and human rights records.

But you can make a difference today.

Canada’s Energy Citizens has set up a page where you can share your thoughts on the pipeline directly with Premier Horgan.

And if you want to show you support the Trans Mountain Pipeline, don’t forget to sign our pipeline pledge.

Let’s keep rallying and sharing our messages of support on social media. Together, we can make a difference and get this pipeline built!

Written by Evan Menzies

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