Canada is closing for business.

The threat of seeing the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion cancelled will put a further chill on international investment into Canada.

When we don’t export Canadian energy, we lose jobs across Canada.

It will show to the world that our country can’t get things done and will continue to spend billions of dollars to support foreign oil instead of ensuring support for our own industries.

To top it off, every day that Canada goes without building a new pipeline to tidewater means we are giving the United States a massive discount on our products.

Enough is enough. It’s time for action.

Right now, there is legislation in front of the House of Commons that would assert the federal government’s authority to get this pipeline built, but it needs support to pass.

The future of the Canadian economy – and thousands of hard-working Canadian families – hangs in the balance!

Send a letter to federal Liberal MPs in Ontario demanding action and support for this legislation. If you live in one of their ridings, the email will go directly to your MP, if you live outside of their ridings, it will be sent to all federal Liberal MPs from Ontario. Make your voice heard, send a letter now.

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