Support is growing for Trans Mountain

Despite the fact the future of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion remains uncertain, we’ve been witnessing something remarkable happen on the ground right across Canada over these past few weeks.

Thousands of Canadians have rallied from B.C. to Manitoba to show their support for our energy sector. Nearly 20,000 letters have been sent to decision makers at several levels of government.

And now, we are seeing support for the pipeline surging in B.C. and right across Canada.

For the past year, Canadians have consistently heard through the media and online that opposition to this project among British Columbians was on the rise. They’ve been told First Nations communities don’t support the project.

We know now none of that is true.

As Insights West said on CTV, “those protestors on the side line that are saying that every British Columbian doesn’t want this project, it’s not really the case.”

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Alberta Caribou Meetings – Take Part

The Government of Alberta is seeking input on their proposed regulations for Northern Alberta to help promote the stability and recovery of the provinces caribou population. We all have an interest in maintain species at risk here in Alberta, and it is important for Albertans like you to take part.

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Let’s make 2018 the year Canada competes

For two weeks in February, every four years, Canadians get to show the rest of the world what we’re made of.

On the slopes, on the track, and on the ice, Canada’s best athletes shine on the world’s biggest stage, the Winter Olympics. It has now become somewhat expected for Canada to feature prominently on the medal podium at the winter games.

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On energy, the world is telling Canada to get its act together

By Brad Tennant 

The International Energy Agency released its 2017 World Energy Outlook report last week and to nobody’s great surprise demand for fossil fuels is going nowhere but up. 

Way, way up. 

The Paris-based IEA concluded oil and gas will continue to be the planet’s number one and two energy sources well into this century and beyond. Between now and 2040, China will need to add the current electrical generation capacity of the entire United States in order to meet demand. India is in the same boat, requiring the equivalent of the European Union’s power system over the next two decades.

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