Using Social Media To Reach Journalists

Just as we are increasingly turning to social media for news, so are journalists. They use it to research stories, follow trends, and interact with their own networks. Social media, and Twitter especially, can be an effective way to reach them.

When you tag a journalist’s handle on Twitter, they receive a notification that they have been tagged, which makes it much more likely that they’ll read your tweet. If you would like to reach out to a journalist on social media, make sure that you have a clear message to get across. Journalists receive a lot of messages every day, so the clearer you can be and the more useful information you can provide, the better.

How to engage with journalists
Below are some examples of what engaging with a journalist through social media can look like:

  1. Respond to their tweet or articles
    Eg: “@journalist Really interesting take on the importance of keeping our energy industry competitive #cdnpoli”
  2. Retweet their tweets or articles.
    This can be a simple click, or you can add your own brief commentary.
  3. Share their article with your network
    Eg: “Check out latest article by @journalist & learn more about why #pipelines are so important for Canada
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