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This October election, it’s critical that Canadians in support of our energy sector make sure their voices are heard by pledging to Vote Energy!

To find out where to vote, please click this link to Elections Canada!

Canada can make the world a better place by providing reliable, affordable and responsibly produced energy that will help raise standards of living around the world.

We can do this while reducing net global greenhouse gas emissions, and developing world-leading environmental technology and expertise.

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By putting in place the conditions to support our energy sector, all Canadians will benefit, whether it’s in new jobs, increased opportunities for Indigenous communities and businesses, new investments in local communities or increased revenues to all levels of government to support things like new roads, hospitals and schools.

With the right policies, Canada can see an extra $45.4 billion in economic activity over the next decade. That will help create more than 120,000 new jobs or indirect jobs!

That’s an opportunity our country can’t afford to miss.

In order to achieve this, we need policies that include but are not limited to:

  • Supporting completion of currently proposed major pipeline projects and actively support development of additional projects;
  • Repealing Bill C-48 and fixing Bill C-69;
  • Supplying Canada’s domestic oil and natural gas needs with domestic production, in particular by facilitating transportation of oil and natural gas from Western Canada in Central and Atlantic Canada;
  • Increasing the participation of Indigenous communities and businesses in Canada’s oil and natural gas sector;
  • Creating and support the conditions to complete four major LNG projects, on Canada’s West and East Costs;
  • Ensuring Canada’s offshore sector remains globally competitive; and,
  • Withdrawing the proposed Clean Fuel Standard in its entirety, as it will increase costs to both industry and Canadians.

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Sign the pledge now! Commit to Vote Energy this election and ask candidates what their vision is to support our energy sector!

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